Strange things you don’t know about pecan buts


            Though nuts are the healthiest snacks there are high chances of overeating. When you do so you get unwanted outcomes. Now, lets particularly look at pecans. Do you know that pecans are not considered a nut at all? But it is a drupe fruit with a singular stone or hole which is enclosed by a husk. But for our clearance, we are going to call them nuts today.


            Whether drupe or not pecans contain high nutritional value still isn’t always good for us. It has plenty of minerals and vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium phosphorus, thiamin, zinc along with fibre. The above helps in preventing us from various diseases.

            Whereas, pecans have high-fat content which triggers inflammation. Let's explore how great and weird pecans can do to our body.


Brain Functionality:

            Pecans contain thiamine and copper. These help in blocking free radical damage in the brain. Thiamine and copper together can delay the onset of Parkison's disease. Deficiency of thiamine causes confusion and balance issues.

            Pecans also contain manganese, which balances our brain's synaptic process. Synapses are the nerve impulse where current passes from one neuron to another. This is their way of communicating. The information is spread to every neuron in the brain and manganese helps to sort them and help us get a clear understanding. Insufficient amount of manganese can aggravate mood swings, learning abilities and epilepsy.


Protection from disease:

            Pecans are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants bind with free radicals and neutralize them. Free radicals can cause oxidative damage to our cells and to our DNA. This becomes a major risk factor of developing heart failure, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s. One might also become more susceptible to depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

            Consuming pecans is one good way of taking in antioxidants because it rises the antioxidant level in our blood with 24 hours of consumption. Moreover, it is essential to know that all fruits and vegetables contain a significant amount of antioxidants and less fat content in them.


Better skin health:

            Free radicals cause unwanted harm to our skin causing harm from inside. Still, the effects can be seen on the outside. Rampant free radical activity leads to wrinkles, age apot and other kinds of skin damage. Antioxidants can fight these and get rid of them from our body.

            Iron in pecans protects us fro anaemia. It is a critical deficiency of iron in blood. Their symptoms are fatigue, pale skin and difficulty in concentration. Having a good amount of Iron is a better way to enrich our skin. Pecans also contain L-arginine an amino acid which promotes blood flow to the head. It helps in promoting a healthy glow and not only this but also promotes hair growth.

Relieve Pain:

            Pecans contain manganese and copper is thought to reduce swelling in our body. Swelling is an immune response but it can be harmful when it becomes chronic. Swelling causes pain and discomfort. By reducing the inflammation you would feel better.

            A healthy diet rich in manganese and copper is highly recommended for people with arthritis. However, pecans are not the highest in this constituent among the nuts. Moreover, if you have to feel pain and aches which makes you weak know to add anti-inflammatory substance to your meal. This would make you healthier and young.

Provoke Allergies:

            Now let’s look at the bad effects of pecan. Nuts have a common characteristic of allergy. Pecans can also trigger allergies and can make it even worse. Some symptoms are have itching on the skin where you might have serious reactions eating more of nuts.

            Some obvious symptoms of eating pecan are hives, itching, swelling, wheezing, cough, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea and shortness of breath. Once you are diagnosed with allergic to pecans even taking one nut or might even add to have the smell of it to be dangerous.

Weight loss:

            Researchers state that pecans can help in reducing body weight. It is said so because it has a high amount of fatty acids that stimulate a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone signals the brain that you had enough food. As pecans have more of fat ghrelin stimulates the brain to stop when you are done.

            However, you can eat pecan about the size of 1 ounce or even less. They are not very heavy either. If you consume more than that the effects are vice versa. Pecans contain more calorie and energy per ounce than any other food. It is ideal after exercise. It is very easy to overeat pecan nuts and lose control.


Digestive Problems:

            Pecans are full of nutrients but heavy to digest. It is because of the substance called tannin and phytates. Nuts have these compounds as a defence mechanism. It makes the animals to undigest the nut and pass through the system and that is why they have high chances of sprouting even after they are expelled.

            The same effect occurs in humans. If you overindulge it leads to bloating and uncomfortable gassiness. The fat content in pecan can also is an issue. It can also cause diarrhoea.



             If you want all the benefits of pecans with a reasonable quantity you can go for it. There is no reason to restrict them until you don’t take in heavy.  Make sure you don’t take in more than needed. Also, make sure how it feels after eating nuts. If you are itchy on skin or throat these are signs you are allergic to it.

            If you love pecans but face digestive problems then you can eat sprouted nuts to help with it because sprouted nuts are easier to digest.

Apart from all these pecans are supremely healthy until you don’t overeat. Take them in a small division. Don’t overtake and you might have to face outcomes.



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