Food Combinations bad for health

In this modern era, we learn many health facts from many sources including the foods which are healthy or unhealthy when taken together. We might have heard of several food combinations to avoid people with arthritis, diabetes or cancer. Nowadays we get most of the information from the internet which is a lifesaver in many cases. Still, we cannot trust all the information on the internet. If you take the measures given so accurately your lie would be so messed that you don’t care about anything else other than your diet. Here are a few meals which are best not to eat along. This is pure superstition and has no proof.

            There can be up to 2% truth in these facts but is not dangerous enough to avoid them. Keep reading to know more of these facts and myths which the internet says it not good for health.


Meals and cold water:

            Myth: Here goes the story. It is told that drinking cold water either before, after or during the meal can make the food solidify in the stomach. Fats congeal in cold temperature outside the body. On the other hand, few people argue that drinking water with food helps in the process of peristalsis and stomach acid balance eventually reducing the acid's ability to digest a meal.

            Truth: Our body's internal temperature is warm. Coldwater cannot stay cold after consumed. It gets warmed up due to the body's temperature. Coldwater can help the body from overheating when exposed to overheat. So, it is not capable of solidifying fat and stay the same during the digestion.

            Drinking water either hot or cold helps with digestion. It helps in breaking down the food. So, it works in favour of the body and not against it.


Tomatoes and Cucumber:

            Myth: Both cucumber and tomatoes have different digestion time. When you eat them together you might feel nausea, gas, bloating or even sometimes gasp death. Cucumbers are capable of destroying the Vitamin C in tomatoes with the enzyme in it. The salads you eat can be not much beneficial when you add these two together.

            Truth: It is true that cucumber has enzymes which can destroy Vitamin C in tomatoes but as long as you maintain a healthy diet with rich Vitamin C you will not be affected. You will get enough Vitamin C from many sources. Adding vinegar can nullify the effect. As salads mostly contain vinegar you need not worry about this anymore.

            As told above tomatoes and cucumber have different digestion times. You won’t feel any trouble unless you are sensitive to any of the foods individually.


Nuts and Beer:

            Myth: Both beer and salty foods cause dehydration. When you take them together can deplete the water level in the body. You will be thirsty and drink more beer in an effort to hydrate.

            Truth: There is a little truth in this. Bar owners know this fact and serve salty foods with beer which makes you more thirsty. Salt makes it easier to drink beer with its bitterness. Beer enhances the salty food that one will crave for salty food while drinking beer.

Beer is diuretic and helps in pushing out excess sodium from the body. Not all salty foods lead to critical dehydration ut alcohol can. Unless you want a huge hangover to drink many glasses of water as you drank alcohol.


Meat and Pasta:

            Myth: Proteins and carbohydrates have different digestion process. Carbohydrates start digesting fro the start with the saliva till stomach. where proteins start digesting only when they reach the stomach. So a big no to meatballs and spaghetti.

            Truth: Though different foods digest in different ways our body can function properly. We are evolved to eat all variety of fats, protein, carbohydrate. Unless you have any digestive problems you are good to eat what you want. 


Fruits with or after a meal:

            Myth: Fruits are easily digestible and form ferments in the stomach while waiting for other foods to digest.

            Truth: The sugars in the fruit do digest quickly still it has fibre which slows down the absorption of sugar in the blood. It is one of the ways to prevent a sudden rise of blood sugar in the blood. There have been no cases that fruit stayed long enough to ferment. Our stomach is so acidic that fermentation is not possible.


Sour fruit and milk:

            Myth: It is been told that pineapple, orange, lemon is dangerous to drink with milk. When any acidic fruit is mixed with milk it curdles the milk and spoils it. When curdling occurs you get ill.

            Truth: It is true that acid in fruits can curdle particularly with warm milk. When acid is added with cold milk the process is slow and you might not notice it. This is how you eat lemon creme pie, pineapple yoghurt smoothies and orange creamsicles.

            Also, curdled milk is not bad for us. If milk is curdled due to spoilage we should not drink it. Milk is often curdled to process cheese and yoghurt. For your information, milk always curdles when it reaches the stomach.


French fries and hotdogs:

            Myth: Hot dogs are processed meat which has a high amount of sodium and is known to cause cancer. The refined white sugar in the bun can raise the blood sugar level. Deep frying potatoes produce carcinogen acrylamide and cooking oils are trans fat which blocks the artery. The amount of salt in french fries is also an issue.

            Truth: This is true. Pairing any two unhealthy foods or fast foods can lead to cancer and heart ailments. You might experience stomach upset, diarrhoea, constipation and high blood pressure and depressed mood.



Try avoiding junk foods. We are made to digest all combination of foods. Have a healthy diet and eat fresh foods. Still, everyone is different and reacts to different combinations. So, respect the body and stop when you find trouble while eating any type of combinations.


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